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Archived from September 6th

The weather forecast said it would be dry all day. The rain started as we began to shoot! It soon passed however and the remainder of the day was quite pleasant.

Unfortunately, Bob G (1) has been diagnosed with a slipped disc and will be out of action for a while. Bob is a regular member of our clan and I am sure he would like to maintain contact with his friends during his absence. Please contact KotR if you would like his contact details.

We were treated to another ‘kind’ shoot this week. The average scores indicated on our website will confirm that we have been ‘mollycoddled’ recently. This is about to change. Have your tighter chokes and binoculars with you, just in case.

One of us asked YA14 if he had seen last week’s newsletter when he arrived. Unfortunately, he had not and then spent some time walking around the car park trying to get a signal for his mobile. He contacted Trevor later in the day as he was unable to view the scores via his mobile phone. These are best viewed on a desktop, laptop or a tablet. Eric said he didn’t have a tablet so KotR is enquiring if any Dodger can provide him with one. Back in his youth, special tablets were known as ‘purple-hearts’ but KotR is sure that YA14 would be very grateful for the lozenge shaped blue ones. * Editor's note. The website is actually optimised for mobile viewing, but looking at any site on a 5" screen is pants.

We had 7 scores in the 60’s this week with Len high gun on 63/75 and Eric L winning the week’s handicap medal. Scott managed to join us this week and put in a very creditable 60.

South Worcester was very testing for us this week, Len being high gun with 74/100! Trevor and John’s 28 gauges still managed to reach out to the most challenging targets!

6th September 2017 Butler’s Len was high gun with 63/75. Eric L was the handicap winner. Average score was 53.1 South Worcester Len was high gun with 74/100. Trevor won the handicap.

2nd. August 2017 Butler’s Len was High gun with 68/75. Average score was 55.8. Peter won the weekly handicap. South Worcester Len high gun and handicap winner with 83/100.

23rd August 2017 Butler’s Bob J and Fei were high gun with 63/75. Bob wins when handicap taken into consideration. Eric L wins the handicap medal. Average score was 54.2

South Worcester Trevor was high gun with 72/100 and John scored 70.8 16th. August 2017

Butler’s Bob J and Dave S tied for high gun with 60/75. Bob wins when the handicap is taken into consideration. Simon wins this week’s handicap medal. South Worcester Li was high gun and John G wins the handicap.

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