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Archived from August 27th

In the olden days, before records began, there was a Dodger called Bob, and all was straight-forward. Sometime later, we were joined by another Bob. If KotR’s memory serves him well, it was Eric who distinguished between them by calling them ‘Little Bob’ and ‘Big Bob’. As time went by, we had another Bob join us and they were now called, Bob G, Bob J and Bob W. The next one to join was called Rob (he didn’t shoot with us for long). Robert started shooting with us a while ago. Another Bob G then came along, just to complicate matters. We now have Bob G (1) and Bob G (2).

Another Eric joined us last year and all appeared to be progressing very well. A couple of weeks ago, the original Eric objected to being called anything other than Eric. He had been identified as ‘Old’ Eric, ‘Pipistrelle’ Eric and Eric of Leicester over a period of time, but as the longest serving Eric, he thought that just ‘Eric’ would be sufficient, and that he had even got it on the number-plate of his car and that was how he wanted to be known.

KotR, as always, will comply with these wishes and in future will use YA14 YHN on score cards etc. Presumably, YA15 is his Christian name (more politically correct to say first name probably). The spreadsheets have already been altered but if YA14 wishes to change the engraving on Alan’s Shield, he will have to fund that himself.

We had a kind shoot this week with an average score of 54.2 which still retained some testing stands. Len made a welcome return and celebrated with high gun at HWSG and SWSG. Trevor was one target short of equalling Len’s 68/75 at Butler’s with his 28 Gauge Guerini, sadly missing three ‘sitters’ on the Air Gun stand! Peter shot well to achieve this week’s handicap medal and also received his ‘High Five’ award, this was a personal best score this year for him. Rose and Mike also had pb’s for the year. Unfortunately, YA14 missed a sitter over the pond leaving him just one target short for his ‘High Five’.

South Worcester Shooting Ground have a defibrillator, some Dodgers have spoken about HWSG having one available. Feedback on this would be useful.

Malcolm has finally moved house. He will still come from Worcester, though.

During the afternoon, Ian had not intended to shoot but as the sun came out for us, he decided to have a play. He borrowed Len’s semi-automatic and as usual, make life very difficult for himself by shooting ‘pairs’ with an unfamiliar musket. He managed an excellent 71/100; this would have been much higher had he shot the intended course. We shot a number of stands simultaneously, again the scores would have been higher had we been sensible. Trevor’s 28 gauge managed to take a testing pair at the far end of the ground, finishing with 69/100. With Dave S shooting with us, it means we must all ‘step up a gear’!

2nd. August 2017

Butler’s Len was High gun with 68/75. Average score was 55.8. Peter won the weekly handicap.

South Worcester Len high gun and handicap winner with 83/100.

23rd August 2017

Butler’s Bob J and Fei were high gun with 63/75. Bob wins when handicap taken into consideration. Eric L wins the handicap medal. Average score was 54.2

South Worcester Trevor was high gun with 72/100 and John scored 70.8

16th. August 2017

Butler’s Bob J and Dave S tied for high gun with 60/75. Bob wins when the handicap is taken into consideration. Simon wins this week’s handicap medal.

South Worcester Li was high gun and John G wins the handicap.

9th August 2017

Butler’s Dave S high gun with 63/75. Duncan was the handicap winner. Average score was 47.7

South Worcester Li was high gun with 75/100. He also won the handicap.

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