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Archived from July 27th

26th. July 2017

The Dodgers pretty well had the ground to themselves this week. However, a particularly gloomy weather forecast did not materialise and we remained dry throughout the day.

Another well balanced shoot was enjoyed by four squads, the targets providing enjoyment for all levels of ability.

Those of a certain age will remember:

‘Patience, young Grasshopper’. This may well have been relevant this week:

Grasshopper: ‘But Master, how do you vanquish an adversary when their ability is superior?’

Master Po: ‘You get them with the paperwork, Grasshopper’

Well done again this week to Julian. The only score in the 60’s. KotR even managed to find two extra kills on his card to take him to 63/75! Well done also to Chris who retains the weekly handicap medal.

With the Dodgers’ contingent at South Worcester, John G relates a story of a recent encounter whilst cycling in the narrow lanes of Worcestershire. Encountering a large HGV and unable to pass because of insufficient room, he enquired if the driver was lost. Although the driver’s English was only marginally better than John’s Turkish, the destination was eventually established and an alternative route was established which would avoid the low bridge which the ‘satnav’ was sending the driver towards. It seemed sensible for John to accompany the driver and give him directions until he was on a suitable road and heading in the correct direction. John’s bicycle was put into the back of the lorry and he squeezed himself between two illegal immigrants on the passenger seat. When back ‘on-track’ John retrieved his cycle and the driver generously rewarded him with a very large water melon, which John had to retrieve later as he was unable to carry it on his bike. As the driver set off on his journey, numerous motorists soon advised him that it was better to travel on the left in the UK. John didn’t enjoy the melon!

26th. July 2017

Butler’s Julian was high gun with 63/75. Chris retains the handicap medal. Average score was 48.9

South Worcester Li was was high gun with 73/100, also winning the handicap

19th. July 2017

Butler’s Bob W high gun with 66/75. Chris was handicap winner, Average score was 52.0

South Worcester Len was high gun with 73/100. John G won the handicap.

12th. July 2017

Butler’s Bob W and Bob J were joint high gun. Bob J gets it with the handicap.

South Worcester Bob W and Shane were joint high gun with 77/100. Tony wins the handicap.

5th July 2017

Butler’s Julian was High gun with 60/75. Average score was 48.3. Bob G (2) won the weekly handicap.

South Worcester Ian high gun and handicap winner.

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