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Archived from July 5th

5th. July 2017

Many regulars were unable to attend this week and we had a more challenging course than last week.

An excellent score again from Julian who was high gun with sixty kills (or is that neutralisations?). Bob G (2) scored 55 which made him this week’s handicap medal winner. Gary was able to join us this week and KotR managed to find him an extra couple of hits on his score card.

Generally, most people could have scored higher today. Jack Douglas was certainly evident in Trevor’s squad. Dave N doesn’t appear to suffer this Tourette’s like symptom, probably never watched Des O’Connor in the past. Must get him a DVD.

South Worcester looked highly unlikely. The proverb; Make hay while the sun shines, was certainly in evidence today. The previous day, Ian E had engaged in some F.I.U. and needed to sort the problem. (F.I.U. is a part of D.I.Y. which has gone a bit wrongied). It really is advisable if you live in Stourbridge to have a front window in place, more-so if you live in Worcester! Ian needed to sort the problem as a matter of urgency. However, a last minute contact meant a change of plan and Trevor was able to meet up with Ian at SW.

Thanks to Becky at SW who has identified why Trevor is missing the high tower crosser. This will need some serious concentration to alter his sight picture. Thanks also to Tony for the laser sight check.

After waiting many months Ian has his Benelli back from the manufactures following repairs. They have done an excellent job and he put it to good use to score 73/100.

5th July 2017

Butler’s Julian was High gun with 60/75. Average score was 48.3. Bob G (2) won the weekly handicap.

South Worcester Ian high gun and handicap winner.

28th June 2017

Butler’s Julian and Len high gun with 66/75. Julian gets it with his handicap. Howard won the handicap medal. Average score was 56.4

South Worcester Trevor was high gun with 83/100, also winning the handicap

21st June 2017

Butler’s Len and Bob W high gun with 66/75. Len wins when H/C taken into consideration. Howard was handicap winner, Average score was 50.0

South Worcester Len was high gun with 77/100. He also won the handicap.

14th June 2017

Butler’s Bob W and Julian were joint high gun. Julian gets it with the handicap. Average score was 45.6

South Worcester Li was high gun with 68/100. John G wins the handicap.

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