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Archived from June 28th

27th. June 2017

Many people left the ground feeling very happy with themselves this week.

Over the last few months, there is no doubt that our shooting skills have improved as we have been presented with challenging but enjoyable targets. This morning’s shoot was somewhat kinder and many Dodgers recorded scores they would not have thought possible at the beginning of the year.

Julian’s shooting has improved to the extent that he is now near or at the top of the leader board each week. This week, he tied with Len for high gun with 66 and wins the weekly medal when his handicap was taken into consideration. He also wins one of our new ‘High Five’ badges outright! Howard achieved an all-time personal best with 62 which not only gives him a credit towards his ‘High Five’ but also wins his ‘Sixty over Sixty’ badge.

After trying so hard for so long and occasionally missing by a single target, Robert wins his ‘Sixty over Sixty’ and gets a credit towards his ‘High Five’ which he also could have won had he not buggerated his scorecard at the gate! Chris also hit a p.b. to win his ‘Sixty over Sixty’. Personal best scores also go to Peter, Suz, Bob G(2) and Eric L. Trevor shot a 65 with his 20 gauge Guerini.

Another shooter enquired about this gun and was handed a couple of cartridges. Two ‘crossers’ disintegrated – very impressed – another sale for Guerini?

Many thanks to the ‘team’ at HWSG for continuing to make our Wednesday mornings so enjoyable.

Eric H now has custody of The Alan Painting Memorial Trophy which Rose has looked after for the first six months of the year. This trophy is not shot for competitively but given to the people who are nearest to Alan’s last handicap score and his 2014 total. It is only held once by a Dodger which enables more to be involved in its care.

Despite a gloomy forecast, four squads were made up and it remained dry for us throughout the day.

Len shot a blistering 87 at South Worcester, at one stage it looked as though the 90 would be on. Fortunately, there were only three of us shooting as Len needed to make a very quick exit. Hope he avoided the unmarked Beemer on the motorway going home. Once again, Trevor missed all the crossers from the tower.

28th June 2017

Butler’s Julian and Len high gun with 66/75. Julian gets it with his handicap. Howard won the handicap medal. Average score was 56.4

South Worcester Trevor was high gun with 83/100, also winning the handicap

21st June 2017

Butler’s Len and Bob W high gun with 66/75. Len wins when H/C taken into consideration. Howard was handicap winner, Average score was 50.0

South Worcester Len was high gun with 77/100. He also won the handicap.

14th June 2017

Butler’s Bob W and Julian were joint high gun. Julian gets it with the handicap. Average score was 45.6

South Worcester Li was high gun with 68/100. John G wins the handicap.

7th June 2017

Butler’s Bob W was High gun with 57/75. Average score was 43.9. Chris won the weekly handicap.

South Worcester Trevor was high gun and handicap winner with 72/100.

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