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Archived from June 14th

14th.June 2017

Trevor was first to arrive and was greeted by three lively spaniels. Very quickly they trained Trevor to throw stones so they could eagerly retrieve then. There is only one thing friendlier than a dog, and that’s a wet dog!

We were down on numbers this week with some of the regulars unable to attend. Three squads were mustered and went to face yet another challenging course. Highest scores were from Julian and Bob W who tied for high gun. Again, no-one broke the 60 barrier. Those badges are becoming very elusive. Dave had a pleasing 51 to give him this week’s handicap medal.

Unfortunately, Suz’ musket had lost its fore-sight. To add to her woes, she was also grouped with the remnants of Trevor’s squad. Bob J offered to lend her his shotgun as her cartridges wouldn’t fit in Trevor’s spud gun. One of the particularly difficult stands, the gully, had a single full use and four pairs. Suz ‘bladdered’ them! 7/9! The nearest to her was Li with 5/9. Even Bob W and Julian only managed 4/9! All this with a borrowed gun. That’s taking liberties if you ask KotR.

A slight navigational error troubled one of our own last week. Many Dodgers will have occasionally shot with the Punt Club. Last week, the nameless member went to shoot with them at Doveridge. Unfortunately, all the other members were shooting at Shugborough.

Eric H was unable to attend this week but was there is spirit. When Eric L’s scorecard was checked, he had his score increases by two. Li’s score was also ‘ericed’ but unfortunately in the other direction. Li drops three targets.

Trevor’s 410 managed a respectable 48/75 and should anyone wish to have a go with this small bore, please ask.

John G was hot on the heels of Li at South Worcester, just eight targets behind after 100 birds. Trevor continues to miss the crosser!

Len has taken his boat to Padstow over the last few days, or is that Fishguard? Fingers crossed.

14th June 2017

Butler’s Bob W and Julian were joint high gun. Julian gets it with the handicap. Average score was 45.6

South Worcester Li was high gun with 68/100. John G wins the handicap.

7th June 2017

Butler’s Bob W was High gun with 57/75. Average score was 43.9. Chris won the weekly handicap.

South Worcester Trevor was high gun and handicap winner with 72/100.

31st May 2017

Butler’s Julian high gun with 59/75. Tony won the handicap. Average score was 43.2.

South Worcester Trevor was high gun with 83/100, also winning the handicap

24th May 2017

Butler’s Len high gun with 55/75. Nigel won the handicap. Average score was 42.2

South Worcester Len was high gun with 81/100. John G won the handicap.

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