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Archived from June 7th

7th.June 2017

We probably had the best day of the week for our shooting.

​The handicap medal has been located and returned. For once, it wasn’t Malc’s fault (although he does come from Worcester) but that of his twin brother, Howard! Chris wins it this week with a pleasing 46. Unfortunately, he will not be here to collect it next week.

Good turn-out again this week with twenty people squadded. Gary was able to make it this week and managed 52/75. Thanks to Gary for sourcing the scorecards which we have been using for quite a while and are now coming to an end and also to Howard for organising the new batch. Len was unable to turn out because of work commitments and was spitting feathers.

​Our vacation correspondent has advised that there is a place in an exotic location far, far away, where tourists mingle with magnificent Birds of Paradise. These birds have a diet of berries and nuts and the larvae of butterflies. Unfortunately, this makes their faeces particularly pungent and indelible on both clothing and skin. To add to these problems, the birds have particularly strong rectal muscles and, with the aid of gravity, are able to squirt their waste for a considerable distance. For the well-being of tourists, staff are employed to shoot a catapult discreetly at any bird who may cause a problem, ensuring that the projectiles miss the bird but come sufficiently close to make the bird move away. It has been suggested to Ian E that his standard of marksmanship would make him eminently suitable for such an occupation!

Many thanks to Rob for providing an alternative name for Keeper of the Rabbit but he is not the first to call him ‘Meldrew’. No idea what-so-ever why Rob thinks this appropriate!

​Ian E was not a ‘happy bunny’ at the end of Wednesday’s shoot when he found his car blocked in. Cars to the right of him, cars to the left of him, and in front and behind. Why do people do that?

​The afternoon at South Worcester saw only Ian and Trevor attend where they were going to do battle with their .410s. Trevor managed to maintain an early lead to finish with 72/100. The ‘crosser’ still evades his shot and we shot this stand twice. Becky was kind enough to give Trevor sound advice but to no avail. Her help was very much appreciated and will be remembered in the future.

This target had never posed a problem for years but during recent months continues to avoid the shot string. It has become his ‘new rabbit’! Ian shoots the stand and shreds them. This was watched by Tony and Chris M who demonstrated solidarity with Trevor by showing they could also be missed with a 12 Gauge.

7th June 2017

Butler’s Bob W was High gun with 57/75. Average score was 43.9. Chris won the weekly handicap.

South Worcester Trevor was high gun and handicap winner with 72/100.

31st May 2017

Butler’s Julian high gun with 59/75. Tony won the handicap. Average score was 43.2.

South Worcester Trevor was high gun with 83/100, also winning the handicap

24th May 2017

Butler’s Len high gun with 55/75. Nigel won the handicap. Average score was 42.2

South Worcester Len was high gun with 81/100. John G won the handicap.

17th. May 2017

Butler’s Bob W high gun with 60/75. Nigel won the handicap. Average score was 47.1

South Worcester Len was high gun with 87/100 he also won the handicap.

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