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Archived from May 31st

31st .May 2017

On arrival at HWSG this week, Shane informed KotR that he had set an even more challenging course this week. He was advised, in that case, that it may be prudent to hide all broom handles should club members wish to demonstrate their appreciation.

With twenty-five people shooting (largest ever for a normal weekday) no-one managed to break the sixty barrier again. Curiously, although scores may not be as high as they have been in the past, we are becoming better shots because of the more challenging nature of the course.

Julian was high gun with 59/75, just missing another credit for his ‘High Five’ award. As we are nearly at the half-way point on the calendar,

KotR has decided to remove the time limit for accruing credits for this new badge. It had been expected that more 60+ scores would have been achieved by now. Tony won the weekly handicap medal with a personal best for the year so far. The average score was 43.2. Bob W has introduced Mike R to our group and Li brought a friend along to shoot with us for his first time.

For those of you who don’t know, check out Li’s shooting products at ShooterKing. Welcome back to Suz this week who put in a score of 45.

There was a good representation of Dodgers at South Worcester this week. Trevor managed to find some form which had deserted him recently and was high gun and handicap winner with 83/100.

People will notice the coloured entries on the website scores which denote the different calibre shotguns used. This is to enable a handicap score to be produced for the particular shotgun used that week. Trevor has four handicaps (well, five if you count Ian!). John G managed to shoot the full course again at SW, having some excellent kills.

Julian S seems to be using his new Browning to good effect. At least this one goes ‘BANG’ when you pull the trigger! No worries Julian, what a treat you would have had at South Worcester with Len asking around for a screwdriver in order to undertake a running repair to his Beretta!

31st May 2017

Butler’s Julian high gun with 59/75. Tony won the handicap. Average score was 43.2.

South Worcester Trevor was high gun with 83/100, also winning the handicap

24th May 2017

Butler’s Len high gun with 55/75. Nigel won the handicap. Average score was 42.2

South Worcester Len was high gun with 81/100. John G won the handicap.

17th. May 2017

Butler’s Bob W high gun with 60/75. Nigel won the handicap. Average score was 47.1

South Worcester Len was high gun with 87/100 he also won the handicap.

10th May 2017

Butler’s Julian was High gun with 57/75. Average score was 46.3. Howard won the weekly handicap.

South Worcester Len was high gun with 72/100. Trevor was the handicap winner.

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