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Archived from May 17th

17th .May 2017

As promised, it was going to be a wet day! Julian had bought a new gun and decided to christen it in the wet. Managed a 50 which wasn’t too bad under the circumstances. Again KotR is surprised at the lack of will power some Dodgers have for purchasing new shotguns.

Despite the appalling conditions we had a good turnout of Dodgers with seventeen of us shooting in four squads. Really good to see that the rain did not put Bob G off and he managed a respectable 37 kills. Bob W regained high gun with the only score in the 60’s.

Nigel shot his personal best for the year with 48 which give him this week’s handicap medal. The waterproof cards again came into their own, avoiding all the hassle of soggy and illegible cardboard.

There is no doubt that wise investment in good waterproof clothing makes the difference between having a good day shooting in the rain and having the misery of water running down your neck. As Robert! He’s writing a book about it!

It appears that our club has now appointed a proctologist to the team in order to enhance members’ scores. Simon apparently, has been the first to benefit. It was reported to KotR that he has had some work done on his butt and this has significantly improved his scores. It is unclear if the procedure was carried out under local or general anaesthetic.

The Dodgers contingent for South Worcester did not have to queue for any stands during the afternoon as the rain persisted. There were probably two stands available for every customer during the afternoon. Thanks to everyone for staying open for us.

Unfortunately, John G could only manage a few stands as his waterproof clothing was causing his shoulder difficulty. Thanks to him for looking after the scoring and buttoning.

Despite the conditions, Len managed a blistering 87/100 which also gave him the weekly handicap.

17th. May 2017

Butler’s Bob W high gun with 60/75. Nigel won the handicap. Average score was 47.1

South Worcester Len was high gun with 87/100 he also won the handicap.

10th May 2017

Butler’s Julian was High gun with 57/75. Average score was 46.3. Howard won the weekly handicap.

South Worcester Len was high gun with 72/100. Trevor was the handicap winner.

3rd May 2017

Butler’s Bob W was high gun with 65/75. Average score was 47.7. Dave won the handicap

South Worcester Trevor was high gun with 76/100. Tony won the handicap

26th. April 2017

Butler’s Bob W high gun with 58/75. Malcolm retained the handicap. Average score was 43.2.

South Worcester Len was high gun with 74/100. John won the handicap

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