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Archived from April 26th

26th.April 2017

Well that was a ‘corker’ this week. For the sensitive souls among us, I have used a euphemism there.

No one managed to break the sixty barrier and many targets were left untroubled by our shot strings. Len, Bob J and Eric managed the low fifties with Bob W retaining the high gun award. Julian scored an excellent 56 for second place. Malcolm shot a pleasing 47 to equal Dave. He also retains the weekly handicap medal by 0.01 of a point over Julian and 0.76 of a point over Dave. Ian J shot well for his 48. Ian E scored fewer than normal .

Well, if you shoot simultaneous pairs with a .410 over a course like that, what do you expect? Trevor’s misery with the 12 gauge continues but a spell with the 28 gauge is on the horizon (which is where his 12 bores will be unless they start to behave themselves!)

The misery continued into the afternoon for Trevor as he shot a sub 60 score. This is less than his scores at SW with his .410 this year.

Some people were impressed with how Ian was shooting his 20 gauge, then they found out it was a .410! Again the silly bugger was making things more difficult for himself by shooting simultaneous pairs. John G was taking out some good targets with his 28 gauge and was handicap winner this week.

26th. April 2017

Butler’s Bob W high gun with 58/75. Malcolm retained the handicap. Average score was 43.2.

South Worcester Len was high gun with 74/100. John won the handicap

19th April 2017

Butler’s Bob W high gun with 63/75. Malcolm won the handicap. Average score was 50.8

South Worcester Len was high gun with 88/100 he also won the handicap.

12TH April 2017

Butler’s Bob W was High gun with 65/75. Average score was 52.1. Bob G won the weekly handicap.

South Worcester Trevor was high gun and handicap winner with 77/100.

5th.April 2017

Butler’s Len was high gun with 63/75. Average score was 47.2

South Worcester Len and Trevor tied for high gun with 77/100. Trevor won the handicap

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