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Archived from March 29th

News from the shoot - Dateline: March 29th 2017.

​29th. March 2017

​Thee morning began with Gareth presenting Eric with The Alan Painting Handicap Shield which we shot for two weeks ago.

​Again this week, Bob W was high gun and weekly handicap winner with a superb 66/75. This is his personal best so far for 2017. Eric scored 59 for the second time this year. KotR expects him to be the next recipient of a ‘High Five’ badge. Hard luck to Suz who shot her personal best so far this year with 50/75, just missing the weekly handicap medal by 0.2! Nigel also scored his personal best so far this year.

​Trevor’s squad did not do well at all this week, with no one breaking the 50 barrier. To be fair, this was not all Malcolm’s fault, although he does come from Worcester. However, Malc was paying tribute to Jimmy Nail by sporting some very elegant ‘crocodile trainers’. On the stand at the top of the steps, Robert demonstrated his spatial awareness by trying to evade the gale force wind by sheltering behind Trevor. What an optimist!

​It was pleasing to see that the rabbit trap which had recently been resurrected was not included in this week’s shoot. Unfortunately, it may feature in the ‘extreme’ shoot which a number of us will be attending on Friday.

​At South Worcester with the Dodgers contingent, Tony managed to join us again this week. An oil drum showed signs that it had received some attention from the punt gun. John Clements who runs the ground has a film clip of the gun being fired. Bit of recoil on that then! 20 oz. load can do some damage.

​John is developing a fearsome new trap. The operator, sits behind the trap and can quickly direct the clays through a wide ranging arc. These targets were very quick and travelled quite a distance. More of a weapon in its own right than a clay pigeon trap.

​We will not mention how well Tony did on the rabbit stand…

​29th March 2017

​Butler’s Bob W high gun and handicap winner with 66/75. Average score was 47.7

South Worcester Len was handicap winner with81/100. Trevor won the handicap

22nd. March 2017

Butler’s Bob W high gun with 62/75. Malcolm won the handicap. Average score was 46.8

South Worcester Len was high gun with 79/100 and Trevor won the handicap.

15th. March 2017

Butler’s Eric was High gun with 54/75. Average score was 40.6. Howard won the weekly handicap.

South Worcester Ian E was high gun and handicap winner with 69/100.

8th.March 2017

Butler’s Bob W was high gun and handicap winner 65/75. Average score was 43.9

South Worcester Len was high gun with 77/100. John G won the handicap

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