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Archived from March 22nd

22nd. March 2017 As the forecast was for significant rainfall, it was surprising to see Ian E. at HWSG this week as he doesn’t shoot in the wet. He came bearing some of Newcastle’s finest export for KotR. Unfortunately, he was also disconsolate having not been mentioned in last week’s newsletter.

Squadding this week was somewhat fraught as we were asked to accommodate several additional shooters and it’s not helpful when two are sharing a gun. However, it is worth remembering that many current Dodgers started out by being ‘adopted’ by us. Thanks for the ‘heads-up’ from folk able/unable to make the day.

Thanks to Ian, who offered to take two guys around which really helped to prevent our usual squads being split up.

Nice to see Bob G this week, particularly as the weather was so foul. Given the conditions, he managed to shoot a respectable 35. Well done to Malcolm this week – handicap winner with his personal best for the year. It is hoped that Malc didn’t take too long to dry out as he shot the course without any waterproofs. Well done to Bob W – high gun with 62/75.

At South Worcester, we were surprised when Ian came into the ‘restaurant’. We wondered if he had arrived just for the bacon bap but his mission was soon apparent. He had some ‘jokes’! Kind of Ian to button and mark for us during the afternoon. Having avoided the rain for many years, it got him good today. Good to see Tony G there for the first time this year and thanks to him for getting Trevor’s gun slip repaired.

The Dodgers contingent at South Worcester had some cracking targets again this week. One target in particular, Trevor found somewhat diabolical. Close and unbelievably slow. Managed to miss most! The 20g and 28g of John G again showed their potential. The degree of difficulty from some of these targets soon became apparent as the usual ‘bugger’ and ‘double bugger’ was unusually replaced by the ‘F word’. Yes, there was much ‘fiddle-sticks’ coming from Len!

22nd. March 2017 Butler’s Bob W high gun with 62/75. Malcolm won the handicap. Average score was 46.8 South Worcester Len was high gun with 79/100 and Trevor won the handicap.

15th. March 2017 Butler’s Eric was High gun with 54/75. Average score was 40.6. Howard won the weekly handicap. South Worcester Ian E was high gun and handicap winner with 69/100.

8th.March 2017 Butler’s Bob W was high gun and handicap winner 65/75. Average score was 43.9 South Worcester Len was high gun with 77/100. John G won the handicap

1st March 2017 Butler’s Bob W high gun and handicap winner with 60/75. Average score was 44.5 South Worcester Len was handicap winner with 81/100. Trevor won the handicap

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