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Archived from March 1st

The new award is a limited production cloth badge, similar in style to the Dodgers’ usual badges but distinctive by its smaller size. This can be worn as a cap badge if so wished.

The award was conceived last year but owing to manufacturing delays, has only just become available. Scores throughout the year will count and those eligible, will have shot with us frequently during the previous year. The award will be known as ‘The High Five’ badge.

They will be free of charge but awarded only once to a shooter. In order to receive a badge you must either shoot one score of 65 on a Wednesday or five scores of 60 or over during the year. Two badges have already been won with several people, including Dave N, already off the mark. Good shooting!

Bob J now has more of our Dodgers badges in stock. No Eric this week as he was repairing fences which storm ‘Doris’ destroyed. Give a thought to John Clements at South Worcester who must now shin up the hundred foot ‘cherry-picker’ to replace the Union flag which was shredded in the gales.

Welcome to Marlene again, over from the Isle of Man and busting a few clays at HWSG.

The average score this week was well down. Many of us posted very poor scores. This was a very good course with some new and testing targets but basically, many of us well underperformed. We need to be challenged and hopefully, the more difficult stands will remain for a while. Don’t forget, many of us are looking forward to the ‘extreme shoot’ at the end of the month. KotR will probably not use his 28g for that one.

Bob W shot a blistering 60/75 for high gun and handicap winner. Julian had a very creditable 53/75. Bob J and Len were the only others in the 50’s.

Thanks again to John G who attended South Worcester in an administrative role. Thanks also to Ian E who attended HWSG but was not able to shoot.

1st March 2017

Butler’s Bob W high gun and handicap winner with 60/75. Average score was 40.0

South Worcester Len was handicap winner and high gun with 81/100

22nd. February 2017

Butler’s Bob W high gun with 63/75. Peter won the handicap. Average score was 49.8

South Worcester Trevor 55/100.

15th. February 2017

Butler’s Len was High gun and handicap winner with 65/75. Average score was 45.6

South Worcester Len high gun and handicap winner with 74/100

8th. February 2017

Butler’s Len tied with Bob J for high gun with 55/75. Bob takes it with his handicap. Eric Lee handicap winner Average score was 43.9

South Worcester Len was high gun with 77/100. John G won the handicap

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