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Archived from February 15th

15th. February 2017

The rain managed to stay away for the morning’s shooters but made its presence felt at South Worcester in the afternoon.

Len shot a blistering 65, achieving his personal best so far this year. He also had the dubious pleasure of shooting with Trevor at HWSG which used to be the usual squadding years ago until our numbers grew considerably.

Hopefully the larger squad didn’t prevent Bob J getting to work on time. Only three squads this week and it was good to see Fei again when he returned Alan’s Handicap Shield which we will shoot for next month.

Fei managed a creditable 54/75 kills. Peter hit his personal best so far this year although not as many as he initially thought. Trevor scored what must be his lowest score ever. Trying a different brand of cartridge, he wondered if they included any lead shot. Back to the Fiocchi in the afternoon at S. Worcester when he gave Len a ‘run for his money’ on the Sporting and Compak.

There were only two of us shooting at S. Worcester. Ian was sensible and stayed in the dry. Trevor acknowledged Ian’s absence by mentioning to John that his local butcher was selling muntjac but he thought it a little deer. John was good enough to brave the conditions and although not shooting, was kind enough to button and score for the two of us.

Looking forward to an early arrival home, this was not to be. An accident just north of Lydiate Ash on the M5’s turn for Bromsgrove had closed the motorway. This affected both carriageways. The concrete centre barrier saved lives this afternoon. The impact would have been very severe to cause so much damage.

The new cloth badge awards were ordered a few weeks ago. Details will be published when they have been received.

​15th. February 2017

Butler’s Len was High gun and handicap winner with 65/75. Average score was 45.6

​South Worcester Len high gun and handicap winner with 74/100

8th. February 2017

Butler’s Len tied with Bob J for high gun with 55/75. Bob takes it with his handicap. Eric Lee handicap winner Average score was 43.9

South Worcester Len was high gun with 77/100. John G won the handicap

1st February 2017

Butler’s Bob J was high gun with 61/77. He also won the handicap. Average score was 48.2

South Worcester Len was high gun with 77/100. Ian won the handicap.

25th January 2017

Butler’s Dave S high gun with 56/75. Average score was 43.9

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