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Archived from January 26th

25th January 2017

The Coffin Dodgers do not have a political affiliation. This week’s newsletter should be read by people with a sense of humour.

Dave S broke 56/75 targets this week, three more than his nearest rival, Eric H. However, this does not necessarily mean that he won. Dave was using a difficult to operate pump action shotgun, the type of which has been banned from HWSG.

It may be requested that Gina Miller now takes this to The High Courts to force the CPSA to meet and vote on the issue.

Nicola Sturgeon will want the course to be shot repeatedly until Blind Pugh is victorious. Tim Farron has demonstrated his multi-tasking skills by raising his eyebrows whilst on his mobile phone and stamping his feet. It is not expected that Nick Clegg will make a comment as there is no vested interest in the matter for him. Jeremy Corbyn wants a grown up debate amongst other things. Theresa May will not confirm if she was made aware of the miss-fire Trevor had with an Express Power Blue cartridge at South Worcester two weeks ago.

Well done again to Shane for changing the course which presented a number of easy looking targets which many of us failed to hit! The average score this week was only 43.9.

Dave S put in an appearance and was high gun with 56/75. Eric H shot very well and was second with 53/75. It was good to see Bob G there again, shooting with his ‘old’ squad. Bob has some difficulty getting around the course and it was pleasing to see that he scored 40/75 on this difficult layout. Shane had put on two extra stands so we had more variety of targets.

Just how this would work with those who shoot 100 targets is unclear. Rose had a very creditable 48/75 and Malcolm and Robert did a lot of muttering. The .410’s of Trevor and Ian showed their capability by managing to break some of the most difficult targets on the ground, though not as consistently as they would have liked.

The Dodger’s managed to send a contingent down to South Worcester this week where we humbly handed in our absence notes to John from the previous week. Very enjoyable afternoon.

25th January 2017

Butler’s Dave S high gun with 56/75. Average score was 43.9

18th January 2017

Butler’s Julian was High gun with 54/75. Average score was 43.9

11th January 2017

Butler’s Trevor tied with Bob J for high gun with 57/75. Average score was 49.2

South Worcester Len was high gun with 78/100.

4th January 2017

Butler’s Trevor was high gun with 65/75. No handicap scores for the year so far. Average score was 53.8

South Worcester Ian was high gun with 79/100.

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