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Archived from January 12th

11th January 2017

The weather forecast was correct again and we faced winds of biblical proportion during the course of the morning. Shane had done an excellent job in providing us with a challenging course which was safe to shoot. Clays can behave very unpredictably in gusty conditions and there is always a possibility that the unwary can sustain injury.

Welcome back to Sue and Nigel.

Considering the conditions, it was no surprise that the sixty barrier was not broken. Some people possibly benefitted when a gust blew their target into their pattern. Many people avoided the ‘Gully’ to begin with because the strong sun made the clays difficult to see. However, Trevor’s squad shot this early with surprisingly good results.

Rose returned to her 12 gauge and scored a pleasing fifty. Ian’s score of 54 deservedly needs to be mentioned. This was achieved with his .410! Many people using a 12 gauge would have been pleased with that total. It should also give an indication of how well Ian used to shoot when he had red hair, teeth and muscles! Dave equalled his personal best for last year and we now expect him to score frequently in the 60’s.

There was some discord during the morning when Eric H’s squad started to use ‘Our Robert’ as a wind break, depriving Trevor’s squad of this facility.

Our attention was drawn to a loud, repeated banging. It looked as though Len was punishing a Browning on the side of a spent cartridge bin. It turned out that he has acquired a telescopic magnetic rod for case collection and was merely knocking spent cartridges off the end.

The magnet does appear to be excessively strong and anyone wearing a poor quality ‘Full Albert’ would be wise to maintain a healthy exclusion zone.

A new award in the form of a cloth badge, similar to the ‘Sixty Over Sixty’ is being commissioned. More details to follow.

11th January 2017

Butler’s Trevor tied with Bob J for high gun with 57/75. Average score was 49.2

South Worcester Len was high gun with 78/100.

4th January 2017

Butler’s Trevor was high gun with 65/75. No handicap scores for the year so far. Average score was 53.8

South Worcester Ian was high gun with 79/100.

28th. December 2016

Butler’s Bob J high gun with 57/73 and Simon H was the weekly handicap medal winner. Average score was 48.8

South Worcester Trevor was high gun with 55/80 he also won the handicap

Christmas shoot 2016

Butler’s Len was High gun with 62/75. Howard won this week’s handicap. Average score was 50.5

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