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Jan 4th news archive

The period of excessive eating, drinking and lack of exercise was evident this week giving many of us excellent scores!

The Keeper of the Rabbit managed to pull something out of the hat and score 65/75 which gave him high gun.

Len’s squad fell into silence as Ian needed to break all ten targets on his final stand to draw equal. Someone helpfully reminded him that he needed all targets to achieve this. Unfortunately, he missed one!

There were five scores in the 60’s but the most memorable will be Dave’s score of 61/75. Not only is this a personal best but this was considerably more than his previous p.b. You will remember that Dave won the Most Improved Medal at our Christmas shoot. It was a great pleasure for his squad to see him shooting so well today. The down-side was that he doesn’t qualify for a Sixty over Sixty badge because he ain’t quite old enough.

Simon also scored his personal best with 58/75. Malcolm presented himself this morning after surviving an early morning ‘incident’ with a carving knife. It was unclear if it was part of the Open University’s Self-Harm course or a vain attempt to make his thumb more sensitive to the buttons!

As the Russian pharmaceuticals which Trevor had received as a Christmas present began to wear-off, he was treated to a lovely view of the Malvern Hills which were bathed in the watery winter sunshine on the drive down to South Worcester.

The ground was reasonably well attended but we managed to get around more easily than last week. It appeared that Ian had also received some Russian pharmaceuticals for Christmas but delayed taking them until later in the day. He shot an excellent 79/100 with his semi auto which far eclipsed Trevor’s 66. Unfortunately, Trevor was missing targets which he would normally shred.

John’s 28 gauge Guerini is showing real promise and is a delight to use. Everyone should have one (and that’s not just Mr. Butler saying that).

4th January 2017

Butler’s Trevor was high gun with 65/75. No handicap scores for the year so far. Average score was 53.8

South Worcester Ian was high gun with 79/100.

28th. December 2016

Butler’s Bob J high gun with 57/73 and Simon H was the weekly handicap medal winner. Average score was 48.8

South Worcester Trevor was high gun with 55/80 he also won the handicap

Christmas shoot 2016

Butler’s Len was High gun with 62/75. Howard won this week’s handicap. Average score was 50.5

14th December 2016

Butler’s Bob W high gun with 66/75. Robert won the handicap medal. Average score was 48.9

South Worcester Len was high gun with 80/100 and Trevor won the handicap.

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